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Data Governance

Data Governance

  • How do you persuade people to make use of the reports?
  • Which channels are used for sharing reports?
  • How do you ensure that your data is correct and consistent?
  • Who is the owner of the data?
  • How do you manage corporate identity and report standardisation?
  • What type of self service do you want to provide?

Data Security

Endorsement or labelling of reports and datasets

Not all data, reports or apps should be accessible to everyone. Data can be protected in various ways. The 2 most common means are Row Level Security and Azure Active Directory.

Reports can also be shared in various ways.

By endorsement, we mean recommending or labelling reports and datasets.Within Power BI there are various tools for this.These allow you to ensure that only authorised persons have access.

In addition, the application of endorsement greatly helps end users to ascertain quickly and easily who the owner is of the reporting and/or whether the data is valid.


Within Identity, you determine how you want to present your reports inside or outside your company. By this, we mean visually unifying and standardising reporting, such as:

  • Uniformity with regard to setting up dashboards and reports
  • Agreements as per your company’s corporate identity
  • Which logos and graphics do we want to use?

Self-service Power Bi

Providing users with the means to work on data themselves can boost business insights. At the same time, it can entail a security risk though. That is precisely why Data Governance is so vital. You determine how much flexibility you allocate to users and provide clear guidelines on the correct use of reporting.

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