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DBA Services

DBA Services

Think of Kohera, when you think of SQL Server. Our experienced team of SQL database architects will help you to create a reliable and stable database environment.
Whether it be in Azure, on your own infrastructure or in hybrid form, we always look for the solution that is best suited to your requirements.

SQL Server Consultancy

SQL as a service

We always find the best SQL Server solution for the lowest cost. No matter what you are after: experienced database administrators, an audit of your systems, system performance improvements, consolidation and migration of your databases, cloud software – hybrid or on-premise – an installation for high availability or repair work after a disaster.
Whatever you need, we can make it happen.

Thanks to the cloud, you can use your SQL Server databases without having to invest upfront.
No more nightmares about hardware, maintenance, data growth, security management, software recovery, patching, updates, upgrades and backups.
We can help you select the correct and most suitable cloud model.

How can we assist you?

Contact us and we will come up with the best DBA Services solution for your business!