12 Mar 2018 Clusterless Availability Groups

SQL Server 2017 came with a couple of enhancements regarding Always On Availability Groups. The most radical change came with the introduction of “Read-scale availability groups” or the support for Availability Groups without an underlying cluster.

05 Mar 2018 Niets beter dan Coca-Cola

Marktleider worden is poepsimpel als je het vergelijkt met marktleider blijven. Je moet je eigenheid bewaren – want dat is waarvoor het gros van je klanten voor jou kiest. Tegelijkertijd moet je meegroeien met een almaar bewegende markt – want alleen zo geraak je aan nieuwe klanten.

02 Mar 2018 World Cup Russia dashboard in Power BI: importing the teams from multiple web pages

While working on our World Cup dashboard my colleague Philippe Van Rillaer and I wanted to import data from tables spread out over multiple Wikipedia pages. With Power BI of course...

21 Feb 2018 There’s always an insight with Power BI: CONCATENATEX

Not so long ago, I was working with a client who had a specific Power BI request. They wanted to do a lookup of a column in another table, but if there were multiple hits, they wanted to display all the matching rows in the same cell. I came with a solution using ConcentrateX.

06 Feb 2018 Azure Data Architectures: Lambda

Are you familiar with the lambda architecture? It actually splits data flows into two components, receiving data centrally and doing as little as possible processing before copying and splitting the data stream into two streams, namely the real time and batch layers.

16 Jan 2018 Efficient and clear-cut monitoring of your databases with SQL Operations Studio

A while ago, Microsoft released a preview version of SQL Operations Studio. We've tested the preview version to get acquainted with it.

08 Jan 2018 Cortana Intelligence in a nutshell – Part 2

In October 2017 at the dataMinds conference (former SQL User Days) I gave a presentation about Data Lake Analytics. One of my slides contained the following topic: Fight of the Big Data Stores. Quite a nice topic to write something about.

06 Dec 2017 Latest Power BI update: share your portal with guest users

Power BI's mission is crystal clear: extract crucial intelligence from data so companies can use it to grow or strengthen their business. The latest update to the software further amplifies this creed.

01 Dec 2017 Stem op Sam als Plato-ambassadeur 2018

PLATO is het netwerk voor ondernemers & experten van Voka West-Vlaanderen waar netwerken, inspiratie, kennis en ervaring delen centraal staan. Dit jaar gaat het netwerk op zoek naar de Plato-deelnemer die zijn of haar enthousiasme over Plato het meeste uitdraagt en zich een jaar lang Plato-ambassadeur mag noemen.