06 Dec 2017 Latest Power BI update: share your portal with guest users

Power BI's mission is crystal clear: extract crucial intelligence from data so companies can use it to grow or strengthen their business. The latest update to the software further amplifies this creed.

01 Dec 2017 Stem op Sam als Plato-ambassadeur 2018

PLATO is het netwerk voor ondernemers & experten van Voka West-Vlaanderen waar netwerken, inspiratie, kennis en ervaring delen centraal staan. Dit jaar gaat het netwerk op zoek naar de Plato-deelnemer die zijn of haar enthousiasme over Plato het meeste uitdraagt en zich een jaar lang Plato-ambassadeur mag noemen.

20 Nov 2017 Cortana Intelligence in a Nutshell — Part 1

One of the first things we explain to our future customers, is what is available and what is possible with the Cortana Intelligence Suite. With following story we're discussing each product and we give a real-time usage example.

30 Oct 2017 Don’t be afraid to visualise complex business processes

In Business Intelligence we extract data from anywhere. Beside the technical structures that define how the data is stored, we also need to comprehend the business processes behind that structure. It’s all in the name, right?

16 Oct 2017 Use PowerShell to get all the Measures from a 2016 Tabular Cube

With Analysis services 2016 and Analysis Services Management Object (AMO) we now have some powerful tooling to automate our cube with, for example, PowerShell. In fact, it's now even (relatively) easy to retrieve all the measures from a cube in just a few seconds.

02 Oct 2017 Een veilige SQL-database in vijf stappen dankzij Azure

Data beveiligen is de uitdaging van de eeuw. Er zijn tal van momenten en manieren waarop iemand met slechte bedoelingen aan je gegevens kan komen. Je infrastructuur wordt rechtstreeks aangevallen of gebruikers worden overtuigd om schadelijk software te installeren.

18 Sep 2017 How to create your own Power BI visual

In this video our Senior BI Consultant Frederik Aerts is discussing how to start with the creation of your own custom Power BI visual. You can choose from a wide range of default visuals, but you can also create them yourself.

11 Sep 2017 Why I (decided to) work for Kohera

It’s been over a year now since I started working for Kohera and I wanted to share the reasons why I decided to join them. Everyone goes through milestones, crossroads in their life, moments to ponder which road to take for the coming years

04 Sep 2017 Graph Data in SQL 2017

One of the new features in SQL 2017 is a way to save Graph Data. First time I heard the term “graph” I was stunned… Graph Data? First thing, I thought that came into my mind: “Why would you save charts (graphs)”. Nevertheless, that is not what Graph Data is. When we are speaking about Graph Data we are not speaking about tables anymore...