16 Dec 2021 Bringing Python to Azure Data Factory with Azure Batch Service

In most cases programming is not needed when working with Azure Data Factory. In the rare situations where it is necessary, Python and Azure Batch Service are a viable option. Let's do a deep-dive!

24 Nov 2021 Why use SSAS Tabular when we have Power BI?

Managers, analysts, engineers and information workers, who use it, know that SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular (SSAS Tabular) is a valuable ICT asset. On the other hand, Power BI (PBI) is a great tool too that has a bit more functionality under its belt. Yet, there’s cases where SSAS Tabular might prove useful which we’ll detail in this blog.

21 Oct 2021 Concurrent API requests with Python by example

APIs are one of the things we often come across when working with data. In this blogpost we’ll have a look at some ways of extracting data out of them with Python in an efficient way.

31 Aug 2021 SQL Server Reporting Services 2019: what has changed compared to earlier versions?

When trying to do a standard install of SQL Server, you may have noticed that the 2017 or newer versions of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) aren’t installed as well. That’s because SSRS now has its own separate installer. In this blog, we’ll show some of the changes compared to older versions.

01 Jul 2021 Import text by example in Power BI reports

Weirdly formatted files, we’ve all had to import them into our reports at some point. Luckily, Power BI has new option that might make our lives easier: import text/CSV by example. We’ll show you how to use it in this blog.

15 Jun 2021 The Databricks lifecycle and how it impacts your maintenance

There's plenty of updates to Databricks. And that sometimes leaves users frazzled. his begs the questions, why are there updates so often? And what is the impact on maintenance of your dearest Databricks-projects?

05 May 2021 Avoid headaches when working with separate PBIX files in Power BI

Splitting datasets and reports into separate PBIX files is a very common way of managing Power BI reports. But dividing sets and reports can result in a headache or two. Let our blog be your Power BI painkiller.

25 Feb 2021 Niets beter dan Power BI: de Coca-Cola van de BI volgens Gartner

Al zolang Kohera bestaat, staat Microsoft als leider in de rechterbovenhoek van Gartner’s Magic Quadrant voor Analytics en BI Platformen. Net daarom hebben we bij Kohera een bewuste keuze gemaakt voor Microsoft Power BI. Het is zowaar de cola van de BI-tools.

15 Feb 2021 De Tijdloze 2020: follow-up

We and several other Koherians once again spent New Year’s Eve glued to our radios, wondering if we’d adapted the predictive model successfully enough to get De Tijdloze Top 100 from Studio Brussels right? Find out if we did!

08 Feb 2021 Defining your Azure infrastructure as code with Bicep

Azure Resource Manager templates are great. Managing the resulting JSON files not so much. So Microsoft launched Azure Bicep. Read how it will help with maintaining your infrastructure as code.

13 Jan 2021 Small Multiples: a new smart feature in Power BI

Recently, a long-awaited feature was added to Power BI: Small Multiples. Time to explore our new options of visualizing data!

27 Dec 2020 De Tijdloze van StuBru: Kohera’s voorspelling voor 2020

Deze eindejaarsperiode is er een waarbij heel wat tradities gesneuveld zijn. Gezellig samenzijn met de hele familie of lekker gaan eten op restaurant zitten er niet in dit jaar. Gelukkig zijn er ook nog zekerheden, zoals De Tijdloze van StuBru, die ook dit jaar voor muzikaal vertier zorgt in de laatste dagen van het jaar. En daarbij hoort natuurlijk ook onze voorspelling.

14 Dec 2020 Running Python scripts on Azure with Azure Container Instances

Always wanted to run Python on Azure? We'll show you how with Azure Container Instances.

23 Nov 2020 We’ve taken Azure Synapse for a spin

Microsoft has recently taken us on a word lingo with the launch of Azure Synapse Analytics. At Kohera, we've experienced some confusion in the market between Azure Synapse as a standalone product and Azure Synapse Analytics as a SaaS platform. We guess it's time to set things straight once and for all, or at least for a while.

10 Aug 2020 How to send emails with an SMTP server in Azure Databricks

A client asked if we could provide a simple form of monitoring on a part of a provided solution. For this particular source, our client asked us to send a simple email with record counts to a mailing list. No problem! Let's get to work

03 Aug 2020 Caching in Databricks?
Yes, you can!

Sometimes, Databricks can be a bit sluggish. Caching with, for instance, the Delta Cache Accelerated Worker can help you speed it up. We'll explain how it does that.

02 Jun 2020 The magic of Scalar-valued function inlining in SQL 2019

For some reason developers like stuffing their SQL with SVFs, and that... makes... it... so... slow. Are SVFs really that bad? And is scalar-valued function inlining useful at all? Let’s walk through it together and find out!

18 May 2020 XML fun on Azure SQL

While XML has been suitable as a SQL Server native datatype since SQL 2005, for one reason or the other it’s not often used - with only a very few working examples. This blog post is meant for T-SQL teams looking for a working XML example on SQL Server, including schema binding and XML indexes.