A job at Kohera?

The key to our kingdom

Wizards in the magic world of data

At Kohera you get more than just a team membership card. You also get the keys to our kingdom. After having opened the gates, you’ll find a team of wizards juggling with data. Do you worship data and Microsoft? That’s a good start. It doesn’t matter whether your experience with Azure, Power BI and SQL Server is long-lasting or charmingly fresh. It’s the passion we share that counts. Our kingdom is filled with infectious humour, down-to-earth self-reflection and professional passion. That’s how we turn data into knowledge.

Do you want to become a Data Wizard? Discover our Kingdom of Wizards.



Our formula

Our formula? A passion for our profession, a good sense of humour and a great deal of fun.


You can’t milk a cow with your hands in your pants

Our favourite. Why? Because we are doers. No smooth talking or false promises. We focus and get things done.


Play where the puck is going

Visionary? You can say that again. Technology evolves, but we are always one step ahead. That’s how we make sure we’re exactly where the future will be.


Share your knowledge, boost our power

Knowledge is power. But only if we share that knowledge. That’s why you’re never alone at our company. That’s how we’ve become and will remain the Microsoft Data Platform leaders.


It’s okay not to know, it’s not okay not to dare

You don’t know everything yet? Big deal. Everything changes anyway. Just dare to embrace the new and let go of the old.

have fun

Don’t get us wrong: we are dead serious when it comes to data and technology. It’s our passion. So why not enjoy it while we’re at it? That’s what we do here every day.

Our vacancies

Our team of wizards doesn’t only consist of people with an IT degree. Did you know that one of them even graduated in veterinary medicine? That diversity makes us unique and offers us a particular view on data. That’s why we give as many people as possible the chance to develop themselves. Maybe you’re one of them?

Do you recognise yourself?

You already have quite some experience with the Microsoft Data Platform

You’ve been working in IT for a long time and want to explore a new religion

You work in another sector or job and you’ve only recently been sparked by data

You’ve just

You still
go to school

You don’t match one of the descriptions, but you’re a great fan of Kohera

Your path to our kingdom

1. Apply

Click on one of our vacancies or send us your application on mail.

2. Interview

The next step is an interview during which we assess your passion for data. Meanwhile, you get the chance to soak up the atmosphere at our kingdom.


3. Proposition

When we’re convinced that you are or can become a real wizard of data, we gladly make you a proposition.

4. Welcome!

You’re totally ready to become a real wizard and enter our kingdom. Welcome to the team!


Anneleen Willems, Wizard of Talent Empowerment

Eager to work for Kohera? Do you want to ask or talk about something? Taken a fancy to get to know us?

Call, mail or send a WhatsApp text to our Wizard of Talent Empowerment Anneleen Willems.

Mail: Anneleen.Willems@Kohera.be
Tel: 0494/60 80 88


Frederik Vandeputte, Chief Data Wizard

400 customers, 12 years of experience and 43 consultants, that’s what Kohera is today. And Kohera has a dream. Let’s say it’s our reason to get up in the morning. That dream? ‘We will empower every professional to make the best data-driven decisions.’ Our employees play a key role in accomplishing that dream.

All our experts, or wizards, as I like to call them, are professionals with their own unique view on data and the world. Thanks to their expertise and enthusiasm, we succeed in creating strong and long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

At Kohera we work with people and computers. Our focus, however, lies on our people. After all, each Koherian has his own specialty. The amount of in-house knowledge is incredibly extensive, and we are more than happy to share that knowledge.

Before I founded Kohera, I threw in both the towel and the tie. So I know what it is to go to work without a smile, and not have the feeling that you make a difference. That’s why Kohera has to be a place where people love what they’re doing. It has to be a place where people can be the consultant they really want to be.

Even the best companies experience tricky times. That’s also the case with us. Tight deadlines and busy days are part of the job. How do we deal with that? By cracking jokes and letting off steam from to time to time. And we know how to throw a memorable party on our annual off-site trip!