AI data engineer

You’re experienced in AI 

  • and you enjoy taking on a pioneering role
    We’re experienced data consultants looking forward to expand our services to AI predictive and prescriptive analysis. There’s plenty of room for you to explore, create and pull customers and colleagues into this exciting story.
  • and you like deepdives
    Our customers are looking for real practical solutions. As we’re taking different businesses and activities, you get to dive deep in the technical and the practical.
  • and you get excited by the latest and newest trends
    While creating roadmaps, while working with colleagues, while sharing knowledge with others.

Do you have these skills?


Technical Skills

  • 2-5 years of practical experience in data science, advanced analytics, big data projects, machine learning. You know your way around different AI methodologies
  • Knowledge of Microsoft data platform
  • Knowledge of Azure services, SQL, Python, NOSQL

Fluency in Dutch and English is a must, and fluency in French would be a bonus.


You have following certificates or are willing to get them (with our help)

  • AI-900: AI Fundamentals
  • DP-100: Designing and implementing a data science solution on Azure
  • AI-102: Designing and implementing a MS Azure AI solution

And what's in it for me?

A strong team of technical and less technical colleagues are ready and waiting to help you wherever necessary.
Latest technologies
At Kohera we keep up with the latest technologies in data. So you can do that too!
Would you too like to get on board the Azure train? You can do that at Kohera, with pleasure!
All the benefits
Kohera is a small company but it is part of the Cronos Group.
On the payroll or on a freelance basis, either is possible.
A great remuneration package (mix of remote & on-site, flexible hours, reimbursement for meals and expenses, 31 days' holiday, car, reimbursement for phone and internet, insurance).

What's our story?

We’re a small team of 45, all into Microsoft, and all into data. Nice and cozy, we know and care more about each other than just the style of T-SQL writing.

We work for customers small and big mainly in Flanders and Brussels, partly remote, partly onsite. Variation in projects and assignments is why we choose to be consultants. We learn best while doing. Our customers bring us business expertise, we bring them technical expertise. 

Together we go for top notch database setups and data insights, on prem and/or in the Azure cloud.

Staying on top of wild evolutions in data land, that’s why we stick together. Growing in expertise and staying ahead of all things new, we believe isn’t something you can do alone. Thanks to being a gold partner of Microsoft we get cool early releases and testing opportunities before they reach our customers.

Come and meet us!