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Our technical and consultancy services provide your people with quick and straightforward access to their valuable internal and external data to help them make better informed decisions.

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Kohera specializes in the design, implementation and support of information systems based on the Microsoft BI portfolio, the SQL Server database system and Prophix CPM software. Being the largest Belgian company with 100% focus in these areas, we have built up the extensive expertise needed to help you find the best and most affordable solutions for SQL Server consultancy, Business Analytics and Corporate Performance Management.

SQL Server consultancy

When you think SQL Server, think Kohera. Whether you're looking for expert SQL database administrators, an audit of your systems, any type of performance tuning, database consolidation and migration, on-premises or hybrid our cloud software, high availability or disaster recovery set-ups, we will always find the best solution at the lowest cost.

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Business Intelligence

Successful companies make the right decisions faster, using business analytics. Whatever your aspirations, analytics is an essential element in defining your strategy and helping you achieve your goals. Give your people easy-to-use business analytics tools which turn data into stunning visualizations that lead to valuable insights, and collaboration tools that make all data – big data and small data – accessible to everyone. This smarter way of working will generate one great idea after another.

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Corporate Performance Management

CPM Software empowers business users. Designed to operate with minimal IT support, it automates timeconsuming processes and so improves accuracy and the ability to respond to changes. CPM is your solution for easier budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting and financial consolidation.

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SQL Server as a Service

You can use your SQL Server databases in the cloud without any upfront investment. You can also stop worrying about your hardware, servicing, security, software issues, patching, updates, upgrades and back-ups. We can help you make the right choices for the most suitable cloud model.

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What our customers say


18 Jul 2017
Naar de toekomst met zelfrijdende auto’s

Een paar minuten voor je van plan bent om een verplaatsing te maken, staat een zelfrijdende auto al op je te wachten, zonder dat je er iets voor hoefde te doen.

11 Jul 2017
De wereld in 2027

Kohera bestaat tien jaar. Dankzij het vertrouwen van onze klanten en de inzet van onze medewerkers zijn we gegroeid tot een team van 42 mensen. Meestal is zo’n verjaardag een goede gelegenheid om terug te blikken. Dat gaan we een andere keer zeker doen, but now for something completely different: we blikken vooruit.

04 Jul 2017
SQL Spot – Part 6

Summer holidays are coming up: perfect timing to take that moment of peace and quiet you had been waiting for and catch up on some of the most recent SQL updates with our monthly SQL Spot. And once again, our thanks to the neverending support and input of  SQL blogging community!

27 Jun 2017
SQL Server Problem Tombola: MAXDOP 1

As you all may know, many vendors tend to force you to put the MAXDOP of your SQL Server to 1 (SAP, SHAREPOINT, AX). Today I would like to demonstrate you the actual impact on your server of setting your MAXDOP to 1.