World Cup Russia: Discover our Power BI dashboard yourself

You may have seen it pop up throughout our blogs and webinars in the past few months: the World Cup 2018 in Russia! Philippe Van Rillaer and I created a dashboard in Power BI about the historical results of previous World Cups, as well as the results of the qualifiers for this year’s World Cup, the current teams that qualified, etc.

During our webinar, we described some of the methods we used in our blogs and videos. Now we’d like to give you the opportunity to discover the dashboard for yourselves! Check out who are the most prolific players in the tournament’s illustrious history, find out which countries are top contenders, let yourselves go!

If you’d like to know more about the methods used, visit our blog about importing tables from multiple web pages with exception handling, calculating travel distance with spatial data or (re)watch the webinar about the dashboard.

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