Webinar: hands-on with Power Query

Webinar: hands-on with Power Query

Microsoft Power Query is Excel-like software from Microsoft that helps you gather, transform and analyse data from a wide variety of sources.

In our webinar we explained how to use Power Query in your daily work by guiding you through some examples. Power Query can merge and shape data sources to match your data analysis requirements. This allows you to then prepare the data for further analysis and modelling by other Power BI tools such as Power Pivot and Power View.

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Bankruptcies in a geographical area

For instance, we demonstrated how you can start working with Power Query by simply clicking on the icon in your Excel ribbon in order to open a search window. One of our examples showed the creation of an overview of all bankruptcies in a certain geographical area. Power Query extracts the data from the website of the Ministry of Economy and loads them into the software. You can then filter out rows or rename them.

Expenses from all your bank accounts

We also showed an example involving export files from several bank accounts. With Power Query you can easily create an overview of the expenses paid through all your accounts, even at different banks.

Who always puts you in cc

A final demo with unstructured data revealed how to find out who is adding you most frequently to the cc of emails.