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Kohera offers customers a unique service for performing checks on their SQL Server environment, so that potential issues are detected before they turn into actual issues.
We check your environment and provide a detailed report that gives you an overview of potential issues and advice on how to introduce improvements.

In our package


  • Do your critical applications suffer from performance problems?
  • Do you have a maintenance plan for SQL Server?
  • Could you lower operational and maintenance costs through SQL Server consolidation?
  • Is your SQL Server configured in a secure manner that protects your data?

Technical specifications

As part of the audit, we will run various scripts and tools to obtain a complete picture of your SQL Server landscape.
Once they have gathered all the information and configuration details, our consultants will produce a detailed SQL Server audit and recommendations document.

What Kohera does

  • SQL server Setup (IaaS, On-premises, Azure SQL DB flavours)
  • SQL Server Configuration
  • Database Design
  • Queries


  • Duration: 2 days
  • 1 day audit on-site / remote
  • 1 day writing report off-site Deliverables: detailed SQL Server audit and recommendations document


  • EUR 2500 (excl. VAT)

Audit for your company?