Under (memory) pressure

A few weeks ago, a client asked me if they were experiencing memory pressure and how they could monitor it in a good way in the future. It appears a small and simple question, but to give an appropriate answer we first need to take a few steps back and look what SQL Server memory actually is.

Microsoft SQL Server history

Since its inception in 1989, Microsoft SQL Server is a critical component of many organizations’ data infrastructure. As data has become increasingly valuable, the security of this infrastructure is more important than ever.

DBA is not that scary

Often when talking to people who are looking for a career path in the data world I feel like there are a lot of misconceptions about being a DBA and they don’t know what we do.

How to easily parse JSON in Power BI Desktop

Sometimes you want to use JSON data in Power BI. And sometimes Power BI doesn’t exactly do what you want it to do with the information. This blog will explain how to easily make your JSON data readable with Power BI Desktop.

Power BI reports as monitoring tool

Who has not created monitoring reports or beautiful dashboards in Power BI? Would it not be great to show off your work on the big screen in the office? But one static page is not very useful, and you do not want to manually refresh. So we found a solution.