SQL Spot – Part 6

Summer holidays are coming up: perfect timing to take that moment of peace and quiet you had been waiting for and catch up on some of the most recent SQL updates with our monthly SQL Spot.

SQL Server Problem Tombola: MAXDOP 1

As you all may know, many vendors tend to force you to put the MAXDOP of your SQL Server to 1 (SAP, SHAREPOINT, AX). For these applications, this is by design because another MAXDOP setting might interfere with the otherwise performant workload of the application.

SQL Spot – Part 5

Losing sight of what are the most relevant updates on SQL Server 2016? Well, there is no need to spend countless hours browsing the internet. We made another our SQL Spot summary of the most interesting updates and changes for all SQL lovers. You might have gotten to know some of the returning topics: SQL Server news and releases, Power BI, DWH, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, data science, maintenance, security, tuning and learning materials. And, as always, all credits go to our amazing SQL blogging community.

Securing Data with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

Securing sensitive data is a critical concern for organizations of all types and sizes. Credit card numbers, medical and health records, and other personal information must be stored and secured in such a way that only authorized personnel is able to access the information.

SQL Server problem tombola: too many indexes

When auditing SQL Server databases, one of the more common problems I see is that people add too many indexes to their tables. This has a significant performance impact on your SQL Server. First off, data inserts become slower for every update/delete/insert, because we have to maintain all indexes added for that specific table. Too many indexes also have an impact on your read performance.

SQL Spot – Part 4

It is all about the data these days, and that is exciting. Let’s just be clear about the reality of things. The increasing growth of data technologies is on an all-time high. Yet with our SQL Spot we try to gather some intel for all SQL Server enthusiasts, to feed you professionally or just your common hungry personal interest.

Don’t let master data become the “Master of Disaster” – Introduction to MDM/MDS

Let me start by telling you what it is not. Master Data Management (MDM) is not a pure technological solution. It’s not a quick, pre-developed GUI to maintain data. To ensure sanitized master data, you need to include fundamental changes which are required in business processes. Often, the most complex master data management challenges are more policy related than technical (and policy is politically sensitive).

Formatting time variable in SQL Server

A colleague of mine recently had an issue when trying to format a variable of the time data type. He was trying to return the time in the HH:mm format and was using the following code:

New syntax in SQL 2016

SQL 2016 has been released now already since a couple of months. Many of us have been testing it, even developed applications on it, or fully migrated to it on production environments (thumbs up!). But did you know about the existence of following new syntax in SQL 2016 or vNext? There is more than what I will discuss in this post, but it’s a good start.

SQL Server problem tombola: giant reads

A SQL Server is as fast as you tune your workload. One of the things I try to do is tune the workload, a.k.a. the queries executing on my SQL Server, in order to get a better performing server.