How To video: Visualise your Fitbit data in Power BI

In this video, our BI wizard Frederik Aerts, integrates the data of his Fitbit into Microsoft Power BI.

You can download the Fitbit template for Power BI here, just fill out your details below.


    When using the template, you need to provide the full path of 3 example files (steps/calories/resting heart rate) and also the main folder path:

    • Folder: this is the folder where your downloaded Fitbit data resides (unzipped)
    • FullPathSteps: this is an example file for the Steps (pick any json file you want from the Folder above, as long as it starts with `steps`)
    • FullPathCalories: this is an example file for the Calories (pick any json file you want from the Folder above, as long as it starts with `calories`)
    • FullPathHearRateRest: this is an example file for the Resting Heart Rate (pick any json file you want from the Folder above, as long as it starts with `resting_heart_rate`)

    For example:

    If your system is not using the US date format, you will probably see this error after loading the data:

    In that case, go to `File > Options and settings > Options` and set the regional settings for import to English (United States):

    That should do it!

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