Your Modernization Journey starts now


Your Modernization Journey starts now


Recently Microsoft introduced SQL server 2022. We wrote this post to make sure you won’t be missing out on all the fun and exciting new changes. Are you as thrilled as we are? Start your modernization journey now!

Modern Times

SQL Server 2022

Recently Microsoft introduced SQL server 2022, the most hybrid SQL server version we have ever known. These are exciting times! There is so much going on with the Microsoft data platform that it is hard to keep up with all the different new things that are being released. The number of feeds with new extensions, new plug-ins, new tools is gigantic! We love it!

It doesn’t matter if they are small or big, we can always learn something from them and use those tools to serve our customers, our business better in their day-to-day operations.

With the introduction of SQL server 2022, SQL server 2012 came to an end. After ten years, the time is there to decommission those SQL server versions. SQL Server 2012 meant the start of a new generation of SQL servers. The first of its kind where Microsoft introduced Always on Availability groups.

It feels like yesterday when I first touched the availability group feature. I remember I was so enthusiastic when I first saw this in action. I’ve installed and set up many different SQL servers and versions over the years and I’m always amazed at what new features are shipped within every release.

SQL server 2022 and you

    • With SQL Server 2022, Microsoft allows us to immediately connect to Synapse Analytics via Synapse Link.

    • With SQL server 2022, we have the possibility to integrate this with Purview, the Microsoft governance suite.

    • With SQL server 2022, Microsoft introduced ledger helping you protect your most precious assets, your data.

    • With SQL server 2022, we can combine the best of worlds with Azure Arc Data Services. This feature allows us to manage and control our on-premises SQL server instances via the Azure Portal blades. If you have applications and databases running on-premises or even in different clouds, Azure Arc will be a game changer.

This post would become too large when going into detail on all the different cool features. Therefore, a new series is coming up on our Kohera blog. Keep an eye on our website.

Our Modernization Program

The most important message we want to give you with this post is that it’s time to start your data modernization journey. You are missing out on all the fun and exciting new changes.

Even if you run SQL server 2022 on an Azure SQL VM (IaaS) in the cloud, there are cool things waiting for you, like the SQL IaaS extension which allows you to manage your Azure SQL VM in a more efficient way. And not to forget, all the other features available natively inside SQL server 2022.

Kohera can help and assist you along the way. At Kohera we believe in a phased approach. We have created a data(base) modernization program to help you navigate through all the hurdles you need to take.

The program consists of different phases. Each phase with its own focus and next steps.

Phase 1: Inspirational workshop

We start by giving an inspirational workshop, based on Microsoft best-practices and Microsoft Immersion Workshop material. This workshop gives you insights into the different possibilities and tiers and allows you to work together hands-on in lab environments. This way, you already familiarize yourself with the different options.

Phase 2: Full assessment

In the following phase we will do a full assessment of your environment to make sure we have the complete scope. Based on this assessment we will create a first blueprint of what could become your new SQL fleet or SQL Server estate.

In this phase we will also offer a POC to already migrate and modernize some of the databases. This will show you the potential of opportunities you will have when the whole environment is modernized.

Phase 3: Modernization of your SQL fleet

The next phase will consist of a full project phase and will contain the actual modernization of the whole SQL fleet. We will migrate and modernize the fleet based on the requirements, constraints, and feedback we gained during the assessment phase. We always do this in an iterative way to smoothen the process.

After migration and modernization is done, Kohera will keep on assisting you, choosing the right flavors. We can also take care of your whole SQL server fleet via support agreements.

Act now, your modernization journey starts here! We promise you; it will be fun, challenging, and instructive!


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