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Data Modernization Assessment

Data Modernization Assessment

Azure SQL has various options for implementing your SQL databases in the cloud. These range from installing SQL Server on a virtual machine to operating your databases as fully managed in an Azure SQL Database. Do you find the possibilities a bit overwhelming and are wondering whether the cloud is right for you?
Forget about all those concerns!
We will guide you through the process, all the way from assessment to migration.

In our package


  • Does your SQL Server infrastructure suffer from performance problems?
  • Do you experience issues with updates, backups and the uptime of your SQL environment?
  • Do you want to reduce the TCO of your SQL Server?
  • Would you like to migrate your on-premise workloads to the cloud with minimal changes?

How it works

  • First of all, we investigate which Azure SQL solution would suit your needs.
  • We see which databases we can easily transfer, what manual work is needed and what code needs to be updated.
  • We will provide you with a proper estimate of the time and costs we anticipate would be involved.
  • We migrate your database.

Kohera's offer

A five-day Proof of Concept starts off with an intake workshop to determine which databases we are going to modernise and migrate. So, you can see the endless possibilities of the cloud in advance. We also create a blueprint and modernisation roadmap for your SQL landscape. We can then jointly construct a modernisation plan based on this roadmap.


5,990 EUR (excl. VAT)

Data Modernization Assessment for your company?