Ten Commandments when you install SQL server

  1. Above all, Install SQL server with much fun and devotion.
  2. Preconfigure TEMPDB, not leaving defaults, for better throughput and performance.
  3. You shall protect the data and make back-ups as if it was the Chosen one.
  4. Test, Test and Test the restoring of data in order to anticipate on future disasters, this might be your salvation.
  5. Thou shallt install SQL server updates and patches after testing.
  6. Carve traceflags into stone, they can relieve the pressure and pain.
  7. Spend time setting up appropriate maintenance as if it were fitness to your body. It will keep your database healthy after you install SQL server.
  8. Make adjustments to default growth. Let databases grow by chunks wisely chosen in megabytes.
  9. Tailor your degree of parallellism and Cost treshold for parallellism.
  10. As an addendum, consider using volume maintenance tasks, lock pages in memory.
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