Why invest in data science?


Why invest in data science?


“Insurers are investing in data scientists”
“How data science is changing the energy industry”
“How big data is revolutionising the food industry”
“How data science is driving the driverless car”

These are only a couple of titles of news articles, but as you might have noticed, data science is not just a buzz word anymore. It has become serious business! Why?


Personal data vs. business data

The last years we have been generating data like never before. Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, said the following 6 years ago: “We now create as much information every two days as we did from the dawn of civilisation up until 2003, … That’s something like five exabyte’s of data”. I wouldn’t be shocked if we can do it in one day now. Most of this data is user-generated content, like pictures, instant messages and tweets. But we cannot ignore that in our local businesses, we keep track of way more data than before.

But what are we doing with it? Are we a data-driven company? Do we use data that we collect to “build” our business? To drive decision-making? To improve performance? To engage customer?


Informed decisions

If a business does not have a data strategy, you might say that you are reducing your decision-making process to a hunch or even a gamble. Does your company collect a lot of data Then do not reduce your decisions to a gamble. Analyse your data with some decent data science tools, so you can make informed business decisions. Some of these tools are the Microsoft SQL Server suite together with R Services.

If you have huge amounts of data, don’t worry about it. Throw it all in the cloud with Microsoft Azure. Want more information on how all of this is possible or how it can help your business? Then, do not hesitate to contact me. Data science is not something additional anymore. It’s elementary!

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