The endless possibilities of Power BI, that’s what makes us happy

We’ve already demonstrated once or twice that with Power BI, you can do much more than just make a simple analysis of your company data. To us, possibilities are truly endless, as long as you do some creative thinking. And today is no different.


Your happiness is our happiness

At Kohera, we deeply appreciate our customers and we constantly want to meet or even exceed their expectations. To continue improving our services, we wanted to find out how happy our customers really are. As a response to the International Day of Happiness, we decided to conduct a customer satisfaction survey.

It can be quite the challenge to visually display loads of information in an transparent and unambiguous manner, allowing for meaninful insights. That is why we took our survey results and poured them into a Power BI dashboard. You ca view the full screen version here.

Happiness results

In the upper left corner it is displayed that no less than 96% of our survey participants are either happy or very happy to be working with Kohera. Another 93% indicated that they would (very) happily recommend working with us to others. Over 80% of our survey participants said they happy about Power BI, and three quarters of them are happy about SQL Server. It makes us very happy that none of the respondents said that they were unhappy about their cooperation with us. This is clear from the bar charts, which show precise percentages for each multiple choice option, giving deeper understanding of each question. With the focus mode buttons in the upper right corner of each bar chart, you can further zoom in on the bar charts for more detailed information.

Group of computer programmers working in the office. Focus is on blond woman showing something to her colleague on PC.
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