Kohera’s Modern Data Platform: Choosing the model – Pt.1

Kohera’s Modern Data platform does not come with a canned data model by default. This makes the framework extremely flexible to adapt to a variety of project workflows, but it also means during the Analysis phase we will need to think about how to structure the data before continuing.

Should I use serverless for all my Azure SQL Databases?

But first things first, what the heck is serverless? Azure SQL Database serverless is a new compute tier made for single databases. This new model automatically scales the compute based on the actual workload per second. This means that you only have to pay for the compute resources (memory & vCores) you use. Furthermore, serverless has an autopause function. It will pause your database when it remains inactive for a period of minimum 1 hour. For a paused database, only the storage is charged.

The hidden gems of the function Web.Contents()

Some of my customers want me to import their data from a standard on-premises or cloud-based (Azure) SQL-database, but others want me to import their data from a REST API. If ever, you’ll have to import data from a REST API, you’ll surely encounter some obstacles. That’s why I write this article to prevent you from this. Based on a real-life example, I’ll talk about the most common problems when using REST API’s, where for some of them still no solution has been found by Microsoft itself (although not that I’m aware of).

Custom email notification in Azure Data Factory

Tired of logging on to Azure Data Factory every day and checking the status of your pipeline(s)? What if you forget to look at the pipeline monitor for a week and the pipeline has failed?

Creating a Secure Databricks Environment

Azure Databricks is a cloud native (Big) Data analytics service, offered as a managed PaaS environment. It’s designed to hide the underlying distributed systems and networking complexity as much as possible from the end user.

Azure Synapse Analytics: Where Azure DWH, Spark & ADF meet

When I started to jump from DBA to Data Architect, I thought that these roles would diverge further and further until they became two separate roles and functions. Both with their own skillset and their own purpose in the (big) Data Analytics world. The current evolution Microsoft launched proved me wrong though. Enter Azure Synapse Analytics.

Onze key takeaways van dataMinds Connect 2019

Oktober 2019, de herfst is in het land, het weer is druilerig, ideaal voor 2 dagen DataMinds Connect! Traditiegetrouw waren we deze editie weer met het voltallige Kohera team aanwezig. Ludo Bernaerts, ervaren data wizard en Simon De Meester, vers van de pers data wizard sinds 1 maand, vertellen je wat ze zoal opstaken van deze tweedaagse.

Data Lake Security and Governance best practices

Data Lakes are the foundations of the new data platform, enabling companies to represent their data in an uniform and consumable way. The flexibility, agility, and security of having structured, unstructured, and historical data readily available in segregated logical zones brings now possibilities and extra transformational capabilities to businesses.

All I want for Christmas is you

Oh, this is cheesy, can’t believe we could ever dare to mention Mariah Carey in our blogpost series.  Well, the holiday season is starting, so there is no escape at all. What I meant with the title was: All I need for Christmas is you… Azure Data Flow.  Data what?  Azure Data Flow is a new functionality in Azure Data Factory.  For more info on Azure Data Factory itself I would like to refer to my series of blogposts published last July on our website concerning Azure Data Factory.  Please follow this link here, and don’t forget to come back afterwards.