Creating maps with R and Power BI

The possibilities are infinite when it comes to creating custom visuals in Power BI. As long as you are creative and have knowledge about the right programming language, you can let your imagination run free. I’ll talk about languages – specifically about R – in more detail later. One interesting application of those endless possibilities […]

Sorting matrices in Power BI

Recently I worked on a Power BI project for a client. They had a SharePoint site where they regularly published articles and wanted to pour view data into a report to track which pieces of content were performing well. One of their requests – sorting the matrices by different values – for the Power BI […]

Why use SSAS Tabular when we have Power BI?

Managers, analysts, engineers, and information workers who use it know that SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular (SSAS Tabular) is a valuable ICT asset. On the other hand, Power BI (PBI) is a great tool too that has a bit more functionality under its belt. Yet, there are cases where SSAS Tabular might prove useful which […]

Import text by example in Power BI reports

If you want to see the topic of this blog in action, then watch our free webcast on the latest features in Power BI where we discuss this new capability of Microsoft’s BI tool by clicking here. Weirdly formatted files, we’ve all had to import them into our reports at some point. Despite knowing what […]

Avoid headaches when working with separate PBIX files in Power BI

Splitting datasets and reports into separate PBIX files is a very common way of managing Power BI reports. This approach keeps data and calculations in a more central repository which acts as a “Single Source of Truth”. But dividing sets and reports can result in a headache or two. Let our blog be your Power […]

Niets beter dan Power BI: de Coca-Cola van de BI volgens Gartner

Marktleider worden is poepsimpel. Toch als je het vergelijkt met marktleider blijven. Je moet enerzijds de hele tijd je eigenheid bewaren, want daarvoor kiest het gros van je klanten voor jou. Anderzijds moet je meegroeien met een almaar bewegende markt want alleen zo geraak je aan nieuwe klanten. Coca-Cola leerde die les op een pijnlijke manier – denk […]

De Tijdloze 2020: follow-up

We and several other Koherians once again spent New Year’s Eve glued to our radios, wondering if we’d adapted the predictive model successfully enough to get De Tijdloze Top 100 from Studio Brussels right? Or at least improved compared to last year? Find out below! Longer wait for a hit We had to wait a […]

Small Multiples: a new smart feature in Power BI

Recently, a long-awaited feature was added to Power BI: Small Multiples. If you’re not a reporting specialist, chances are a big question mark popped up above your head when you read that. Small Multiples? Long-awaited feature? What are we talking about? Presenting data in reporting tools Reporting tools give you the possibility to present your […]

De Tijdloze van StuBru: Kohera’s voorspelling voor 2020

Deze eindejaarsperiode is er een waarbij heel wat tradities gesneuveld zijn. Gezellig samenzijn met de hele familie of lekker gaan eten op restaurant zitten er niet in dit jaar. Gelukkig zijn er ook nog zekerheden, zoals De Tijdloze van StuBru, die ook dit jaar voor muzikaal vertier zorgt in de laatste dagen van het jaar. […]

How to send emails with an SMTP server in Azure Databricks

A client asked if we could provide a simple form of monitoring on a part of a provided solution. The data platform we developed for them ingested a source that was afterwards used by a business team and our client’s clients. For this particular source, our client asked us to send a simple email with […]