Power BI Desktop is een prachtige tool om snel data-analyses te kunnen uitvoeren. Je connecteert op een databron, importeert en combineert wat datasets, definieert daarbovenop je favoriete calculaties en visualiseert de informatie. Je bent een echte data virtuoso.

How to easily parse JSON in Power BI Desktop

Sometimes you want to use JSON data in Power BI. And sometimes Power BI doesn’t exactly do what you want it to do with the information. This blog will explain how to easily make your JSON data readable with Power BI Desktop.

Power BI reports as monitoring tool

Who has not created monitoring reports or beautiful dashboards in Power BI? Would it not be great to show off your work on the big screen in the office? But one static page is not very useful, and you do not want to manually refresh. So we found a solution.

Creating maps with R and Power BI

The possibilities are infinite when it comes to creating custom visuals in Power BI. As long as you are creative and have knowledge about the right programming language, you can let your imagination run free.

Sorting matrices in Power BI

Recently I worked on a Power BI project for a client. They had a SharePoint site where they regularly published articles and wanted to pour view data into a report to track which pieces of content were performing well.

Why use SSAS Tabular when we have Power BI?

Managers, analysts, engineers, and information workers who use it know that SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular (SSAS Tabular) is a valuable ICT asset. On the other hand, Power BI (PBI) is a great tool too that has a bit more functionality under its belt. Yet, there are cases where SSAS Tabular might prove useful which we’ll detail in this blog.

Import text by example in Power BI reports

Weirdly formatted files, we’ve all had to import them into our reports at some point. Despite knowing what data we want to extract from the file, until now there was no easy way of showing that to the Power Query Editor.